Underwater Video: Marigondon Cave, Mactan Island, Cebu


Marigondon Cave Video 1- 1:00 min Marigondon Cave Video 1- 1:00 min

Marigondon Cave is one of the most famous dive spots of Cebu, strictly for advanced divers only. Usually you drop of the dive boat well before the cave and drift towards it with the usually current at 30m / 90f. The cave entry stretches from 27 to 37m / 90 – 130f. The diameter of the cave is about 10m / 30f. You can dive into the cave for about 40m / 120f. There are lion fish at the entry, deeper inside a school of strange flash light fish blinking in the dark and some giant crabs. This is truly an amazing dive. Nitrox is strongly recommended for this dive.


Marigondon Cave Video 2 - 1:00 min Marigondon Cave Video 2- 1:00 min


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