Wreck Diving in Cebu, Philippines

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Wreck Diving: There is nothing like the excitement of diving into a sunken ship. Wreck diving is truly one of the most exhilarating things a diver can do.

The wreck: MV San Juan - Liloan, Cebu, Philippines.

The MV San Juan is a classic shipwreck, a large ferry that has sunk in relatively undamaged condition. It's surrounded by abundant marine life and is truly an exciting, and due to the depths involved, challenging dive.

Wreck & Tech Diving in Cebu, Philippines - More Video

The ship sunk in bad weather in 2000. There was an explosion and the water pumps didn’t work properly. It went down with tremendous noise as the air was pushed out of the ship. Now It rests at the bottom of a bay in 50m of water on its starboard side. Nobody was hurt in this maritime disaster; the crew swam safely to shore. Until now, only very few divers entered the wreck, it is nearly in virgin condition. Diving the San Juan wreck in Cebu is a heaven for tec divers.

Regular day trips to the wreck are conducted weekly or on request. Usually 2 dives are done on the wreck. Due to the depth involved, diving on the wreck is limited to divers with this certifications:

If you are as enthralled with wreck diving as we are, these wreck dive courses are for you:


Wreck Diving in Cebu, Philippines - Images

Pictures of a recent technical dive on the San Juan wreck in Liloan, Cebu, Philippines

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