Jetskis and Waverunners in Cebu



Jetskis & Waverunners – Fun on a high speed race or a leisure exploration of Cebu's island and islets

Have fun flying over the waves and exploring the islands around Mactan and Cebu on one of our powerful Jetskis or Waverunners. Riding a jet ski is not only exhilarating and great fun, it cools you down and lets you explore the smaller tropical islands and islets surrounding Mactan and Cebu.

Whether riding Waverunners & Jetskis is for serene island tours or high speed water races, Mactan Island is one the best places in the world to enjoy them. Riding a jet ski is a fantastic and exciting way to spend your time on your vacation here in Cebu.

And jet ski rental is not expensive. You can rent jet skis by the half hour. This offers best value for your money. But be careful, once you have sampled the excitement of Jet Ski riding you usually want to do it again and again; and for longer periods of time.

Jet Skis are also ideal for families. Our wave runners sit up to 3 people, ideal for a small family to head out for an exploration trip. Guided jetski tours are also an option.

Jetski Waverunner Rental in Plantation Bay Beach Resort & Spa

Plantation OUTSIDE guest

As a guest of the Dive Center you have free access to the dive shop facilities. If you like to use the other resort amenities please purchase a Plantation Bay Daytripper Daypass which includes lunch, use of the lagoons and pools for swimming and frolicking, wall climbing and other activities. More info on pricing and activities here:


Jetskis and Waverunners Rental in Cebu - here are your options:

  • Jet Ski rentals: Rent your Jet Ski by half the hour or longer, race and explore the sea on your own.
  • Guided Jet Ski Exploration Tours: A 4 hour exploration tour through the tropical archipelago, stopping by some secluded beaches for a rest and a picnic.
  • Jetski & Waverunner rental prices start at 2200 Pesos for 30 min (per Jetski, not per person)

Our Jetskis and Waverunners are from Yamaha. Get an impression on Waverunner riding from this video:


JetSkis and WaveRunners: What a ride!




Waverunner & Jetski Rental Do's & Don't's 



  • ...listen carefully and adhere to all instructions given by your Operator.
  • ...look behind the craft before making sharp turns.
  • ...stay at least 200 Meters from the shore line unless entering or exiting the rental start point.
  • ...keep a safe distance from all other craft.


  • ...operate craft under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • ...enter restricted areas market with buoys.
  • ...enter and exit your rental start point at more than 5mph.
  • close to reefs or breaking waves.
  • ..operate a Jetski / Waverunner if you are under the age of 16 Years.

If you are interested to buy your own jetski ot waverunner, please check Used jet skis & boats for sale in Cebu